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ASUS C214MA ads

My Portofolio

IT Consulting
IT Consulting
Whole professional years experience

I start my profesional journey as technical team at one of the biggest computer hardware company in Indonesia.

From Print Magazine to HTML Coding

I realize I can't stop thinking about what happens next, especially about Computer hardware, since I join Kaskus.

Design skill
From Multimedia to Web Design

Nowadays, Audio visual content help a lot of people communicate each other, without language restriction.   

digital marketing
Digital Marketing
Viral is a Bonus!

Old man said, the important thing is, how you manage the process to found out your uniqueness.


Lates posts from My Blog
Web Developer

ASUS Chromebook Flip C214MA

Wujud NETBook modern terjangkau untuk pelajar.


Sejarah Mac OS         
Tak kenal, maka tak sayang! Yuk kenal sejarah sistem operasi Mac OS

5 Smartphone 5G terbaru 2021

5 Smartphone 5G Terbaru 2021             
website builder - just drop site blocks to your page, add 

Tips buat website mudah

Develop website mudah tanpa coding

Ingin punya website sendiri, tapi bingung mulai dari mana? 

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